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Passport Brunchin' hosts a passport in different cities around the country, allowing you to submit your completed application at one of our local events. No worries, we have valid officials at every event that will ensure that your forms are completed and mailed off. 

U.S. Citizens: Any time you travel outside of the United States, you must carry a passport. Passports are issued by the U.S. State Department. Click here for instructions on how to apply for a passport or renewal. Note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after your anticipated return to the U.S. It can take up to 12 weeks to receive your passport, so apply for it as early as possible. 

While you are in your host city, we advise you to carry a color copy of your passport with you and leave your actual passport in a safe place. If traveling outside of your host city, you should carry your passport with you. Also, leave a color copy of your passport at home with your parents or guardians.

Non-U.S. Citizens: Please contact the regional consulate or embassy for your country in the United States if you have questions regarding your passport. Please also notify Davidson's International Student Advisor about your plans to study abroad..


Step 1: Gather Documents Early

Once you reserve your spot at our local event, we will send you the list of documentation that you will need to bring with you. First-time applicants, minors, and applicants who need a new passport but may not renew by mail may submit their passport application at the Post Office. The U.S. State Department website explains what you'll need to bring with you.


Step 2: Prepare Your Application Package 

Visit the U.S. Department of State website to learn how to apply for a passport and what documents you need. 


Step 3: Schedule an Appointment 

Post Offices that offer passport services have set hours, and you'll need to schedule an appointment using the online Retail Customer Appointment Scheduler. Since you’re coming to a Passport Brunchin’ event, we will make the appointment for you.

Step 4: Pay Passport Acceptance & Processing Fees

First-time passport applications have two types of basic fees, the application acceptance fee and the application processing fee. Passport photos and fees for faster processing are extra. Make sure that you review your emails from Passport Brunchin’. We will provide you with the detailed information. 

Application Status Updates

Once your forms have been turned in, you can request a status update 7-10 business days after they have applied for a passport. Check the U.S. Department of State’s website ( or call them at 1-877-487-2778.