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DS-11 Application Form For New Passport

When applying for a new passport, the process starts with the DS-11 Application Form. This is the form that you will use if you are applying for a new passport, stolen passport, and child passport. The first-time applicant must submit this form along with other documents that are required by the State Department to complete the process. Minors must use this form as well to get a passport. If you are replacing an old or stolen passport, Form DS-11 and Form DS-64 must both be completed and submitted, but because you're new to this process, we're only focusing on one form!

Download Form (PDF)

This is the latest version of the passport application form, DS-11. You're able to download it here, or get access to the form by visiting travel.state.gov, and use the State Department Form Filler, which would help you select the actual form and fill it out online. When you attend one of our passport events, you must bring the completed forms with you.

When filling out any passport application form, it is recommended that you use the barcoded version of the form that is located below as an online passport application. Passport books come in 28 pages passport and a 52-page passport book. The passport book with more pages is a better option if you travel regularly and need the extra passport pages.